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Carbon capture, storage and utilisation

Green hydrogen

Heavy transport


Implementing Power-to-X facilities to enable the green transition of the transport sector

16. October 2023

Solution provider

Port of Aalborg

Port of Aalborg is more than a traditional port, transport hub and business park. We work with partnerships and collaboration. Sustainability and green transition. Symbioses and synergies. Knowledge and growth. Innovation and development. Transport and logistics. Local and global. Job creation and prosperity.... That is why, we dare to call Port of Aalborg "gate to great".

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The shift towards sustainability and the resultant decrease in CO2 emissions have a profound impact on the transportation sector. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the adoption of sustainable solutions in the years ahead. While electric cars are poised to become the predominant choice for light vehicles, their limited energy density poses constraints on their applicability in heavy-duty transportation.

Consequently, the need for sustainable liquid biofuels is evident, especially for long-haul heavy transport. In recent times, there has been a notable surge in interest surrounding methanol and other sustainable biofuels as a result.


Port of Aalborg takes part in the project “CCU-HUB Aalborg”, which supports the Power-to-X value chain and will promote the expansion of existing infrastructure, converting hydrogen and CO2 into green fuel in the form of methanol for use in the transportation sector. As a part of the solution, there will be established three new methanol refueling stations in the Aalborg area.

Port of Aalborg has been a part of the relocation of a test facility from Aalborg University to the east port. The move enables the expansion and scaling up of the facility necessary to accelerate the adoption of green technologies in society, so CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Another result of the project will include a business model for the expansion of necessary renewable energy sources and access to CO2 in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including Aalborg Municipality. Further, there will be a complete design of a 300MW methanol plant.


Port of Aalborg is at the forefront of the development and testing of sustainable fuel solutions. The project “CCU-HUB Aalborg” is a step in the right direction for implementing and realizing Power-to-X. The focal point about the project is testing and implementing Power-to-X to realize a greener infrastructure and transport sector.

The impact of these solutions is to secure a strong infrastructure based on Power-to-X and the foundation for substantial investments that will shape Aalborg’s future as a hub for sustainable fuel solutions. These initiatives highlight Port of Aalborg’s commitment to a greener transportation sector.