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Delivering Fuel-Flexible, Sustainable Heating and Electricity

23. October 2017

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Dall Energy
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Dall Energy, together with the partner Sindal Fjernvarme, will demonstrate an innovative biomass boiler for both electricity and district heating production in Sindal. The plant combines and demonstrates a number of new initiatives: The boiler has a high efficiency, is fuel-flexible and has low emissions while being combined with electricity production using ORC technology.

The plant will produce 5 MW heat and 800 kW electricity and comprise: A crane, multifuel feeder, multifuel-gasifier, low emission afterburner, thermal oil system, ORC unit, scrubber system and chimney.

The plant is designed so emissions will be extremely low: 100 mg NOx, 10-20 mg dust, 0-5 mg CO.

With ORC technology, electricity is produced using a hot-oil plant.

The Sindal project is the forth ORC project in Denmark, since the first one was sold to Marstal District Heating in 2008.
Dall Energy has been involved in the sales process of all previous ORC projects (Marstal, Hillerød, Brønderslev).

The ORC machines are produced by Turboden.

The Sindal plant will set new standards in terms of emissions and effienciency.