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Energy efficiency in buildings

Green Lighthouse, Copenhagen

10. May 2016

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Green Lighthouse was Denmark's first certified sustainable building, having become the first building in the country to achieve a LEED Gold rating.

Green Lighthouse, a faculty building for the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, is designed to optimize the well-being of the people working in the building as well as being CO2 neutral.

The 10,000 sq. ft. (950 m2) was built as a demo building in connection with the UN Climate Conference, COP15, held in Copenhagen in 2009, with a sharp focus on energy consumption and renewable energy.

The WindowMaster solution
An important element in achieving CO2 neutrality is using technology that reduces the use of electricity. Traditional ventilation systems are usually one of the great electricity consumers. Automatic window control (natural ventilation) has therefore been installed to ensure fresh air in the building. Mechanical ventilation is only in operation for a very limited part of the year.

NV Advance® from WindowMaster ensures that the building is at all times using the most efficient form of energy. This is done by continuous measurement of room temperature, CO2 and light levels and using the weather station records of outdoor temperature, wind speed and direction, sunshine and rain. Based on all these data, NV Advance® determines which type of ventilation is optimal and whether there is a need for heating or additional electrical lighting.

For most of the year, ventilation is provided solely via the automatic control of windows that are opened and closed in each room/area depending on the need for ventilation and fresh air. On cold days, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is used. On warm days, cooling is provided in the large meeting rooms.

Two years after Green Lighthouse at the University of Copenhagen opened its doors, it became the first building in the country to be certified as a sustainable building. Green Lighthouse was given a LEED Gold rating. Furthermore, the building was chosen to become a pilot project in order to test the Danish certification system, DGNB-DK, and was awarded with DGNB Silver.

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