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Five examples of re-using recycled turf fibres at the sport facility

11. July 2017

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Re-Match ​offers state-of-the-art technology that enables artificial turf to be recycled. ​In a world first, our ground-breaking​technology separate​s worn-out artificial turf back into the original raw components, which can then be used in new pitches or in other production cycles.

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The Re-Match separation process for recycling worn out artificial turf ensures high quality and cleanliness of the end-products; the recreated raw materials. In this version of Turf Tips we will have a closer look at the possibilities in reusing the recycled turf fibres in new products, at the sportfacility.

When a sports club leaves their old turf to Re-Match, it is natural and perhaps a little emotional to imagine that it become a new artificial turf for training and games.  But that is by far not the only way of sensible recycling. The clean turf fibres can be used in a host of products made in other industrys. Here are five examples of reusing recycled turf, all of which can be used around synthetic turf pitches and other sports facilities.

Sliding tubes
Let the smaller kids have fun swishing through the environmentally friendly slide tube while the older ones practise their skills on the synthetic turf pitch.

Field fences and shelves
A sturdy field fence keeps the ball in and intruders out. If you add a shelve or board, you can also keep infill or loose grass inside and avoid it causing micro plastic pollution. And it’s obvious to use recycled turf for the shelves and boards.

Street furniture
Street furniture made of recycled turf will be a winner before and after the game. For the player, their friends and family.

Stadium seats
Imagine watching the game or training session sitting on seats made of recycled turf. It really makes sense and is a good story with built-in brand value.

New artificial turf
Last but not least, the grass fibres from the worn-out turf can become a new and fresh carpet of grass turf ready for new games and activities. As a perfect recycling.

With today’s total of 33,000 synthetic pitches around the world, and a huge, exponential growth, there are plenty reason for talking recycling. Therefore, there is a need for visionary companies who think recycling of the grass fibres into their business. The cleanliness and consistancy of the fibres makes it perfect for a broad range of new sustainable products.

Re-Match  is in close cooperation with stadiums and sports facilities in many countries and supplies more and more industries with recycled turf fibers and the other recycled raw materials from artificial turf.