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Environmental remediation and environmental know-how sharing in China

20. May 2015

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It’s also about relations

China is a “relations-society”, where one does not make business with companies or individuals whom you may not know or have trust in. Since 2007, 'Bycirklen' (Citycircle), which consists of the three Danish municipalicies Ballerup, Egedal, and Frederikssund, has been in close contact with officials of the Chinese city Wuxi. Bycirklen has with its large effort and well established relations to the city council of Wuxi been the driving force behind Geo’s work relations in Wuxi.

Co-creation, international collaboration & shared knowledge

A large part of Geo’s expertise is aimed at sharing know-how, which is more relevant than ever nowadays. We believe that years of experience and knowledge within environmental remediation technologies must benefit as many as possible. In addition, we believe in the importance of nurturing many different collaborations as the one we have with the city council of Wuxi, achieved by the good relations already established by “Bycirklen” and the Danish consulate in Beijing.

Geo continues to perform environmental assessments in Wuxi and one of the criteria on the path to success is sharing our knowledge and solutions with the Chinese through international collaboration. The environmental project has reached its second phase where the extend of the contamination is delineated through environmental assessment works, risk assessments, followed by recommendations for an optimal remediation strategy at the site. Throughout the process, Chinese engineers and university students have benefited from observing our work in order to promote and engage in sharing of our knowledge and methods. A part of our solution is therefore focused on an education plan for the Chinese, aiming at improving their skills within environmental technology and project management.

In Denmark we have worked on solutions aimed at resolving environmental issues for more than 30 years in order to preserve our valuable soil and groundwater and thereby our health. This knowledge is now being utilized by Geo in China. From a global point of view, there is no time to wait for China to gain their own experience. Instead we have to work together by sharing knowledge and methods with China to achieve shared goals so future generations can live in a healthier world.

Why Geo was chosen as partner

Quote Anders Agger, Director of Ballerup municipalicy:

When an opening was encountered, allowing for danish expertise within soil remediation to be presented to the Chinese officials and developers, Geo was quick to embrace the business opportunity and actively participate in a close collaboration in order to make the pilot project in Wuxi a reality”.

Three central objects in order to make this happen:

  • From the beginning, Geo have been strategically committed to invest time in development of a new market. The company reacted very quickly and was flexible from the beginning, when the opportunity arose.
  • Geo has very professional and engaged employees, which makes the company a very competent cooperative partner. Both in regard to public and other private companies.
  • A high level of quality and effectiveness has been demonstrated in both the preliminary- and the active phase. Geo proactively confirm themselves as a global leader within soil remediation.