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District energy

District heating


Energy Efficient Buildings

19. July 2013

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Thisted Municipality
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In Thisted we believe that action speaks louder than words and that is why we try to lead the way and realize projects, rather than just making plans for them.

Existing buildings
The municipality owns and administrates buildings with a total area of approximately 300,000 m2. This includes schools, daycare centers, nursing homes etc.

In 2009 refurbishment plans for these buildings were made and by now all public buildings have been Energy Labeled and almost all energy saving measures with a Return of Investment (ROI) < 5 years have been implemented. So far work for 2.7 millions Euros has been carried out in the public buildings and an estimated 0.6 million Euros are saved each year on energy costs.

New buildings
As a municipality we can afford to have a longer perspective than the conventional companies (ROI up to 30 years). In our opinion, that provides us with the possibility, but also imposes an obligation to demand high standards regarding energy efficiency and sustainability in our construction projects.

As a result it is required that public buildings must be carried out as Low Energy Class 2015 (40 Kwh/m2) in areas with district heating. Outside district heating areas, buildings must be constructed as Low Energy Class 2020 (25 Kwh/m2).