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District energy

District heating


Energy efficiency – use of surplus heat

4. November 2015

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In Skagen at the very northern tip of Denmark, the local fishmeal factory, FF Skagen, provides approximately 25% of the community's heating. This saves the local community considerable costs and creates a much better use of resources.

The surplus heat from the production is efficiently transferred to local heating systems. Since 1986 FF Skagen has delivered 4000 MWh/year, but in 2009 when FF Skagen invested in a exhaust heat exchanger, they became able to utilize a larger portion of the waste exhaust heat from their CHP (Combined Heat and Power) - this move gave about 5,500 MWh more a year.

In 2011, FF Skagen built a district heating system which could cool the waste from their evaporaters in stead of cooling with seawater. This investment gave an extra annual district heating supply of 8,000 MWh.

In sum, FF Skagen has since 2009 increased their district heating supply from 4,000 to just over 15,000 MWh/year based solely on surplus heat.

In Hanstholm, FF Hanstholm is also transferring surplus heat from their production of fishmeal and fish oil to Hanstholm heating plant.