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Balancing a powergrid with 50 % wind power

25. November 2009

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Energinet is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. We own, operate and develop the transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark.

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How can the Danish power system be developed to handle 50 % wind power and other renewable energy in the future? has presented this, among other challenging problems, to Danish experts and foreign consultants in the project.

Phase 1 of the project has been completed and the conclusion is clear: The challenges demand a reassessment of the design of the Danish power system within the next 10-15 years. Furthermore the experts present a complex set of solutions for the challenges.

The major challenge is to identify and develop technical solutions and to create a balance among the various solutions with regard to both security of supply and environmentally friendly solutions. According to the EcoGrid experts it is fundamental to describe a coherent, national Smart Grid strategy. Parallel to that, they recommend new tools to control the energy system in the transitional phase.

Phase II, of the project is, in effect, an umbrella covering projects in progress and other activities in All knowhow and solutions generated in phase I and II should lead to a Phase III which includes large-scale demonstration on Bornholm. Here the chosen solutions and means can be tested in practise - both individually, but not least in collaboration with each other.