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Waterway – city water

16. June 2017

Solution provider


We are a multi-skilled urban design studio shaping public space around the world. We specialise in urban design projects that strengthen communities with the aim of facilitating a new blueprint for urban life.

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Streets constitute a significant share of the total surface area of Danish cities. In terms of elevation they literally form the bottom line. Schulze+Grassov are under contract with Denmark's Realdania Foundation under the Danish Klimaspring initiative to develop new innovative climate adaptation systems. Working creatively with streets in urban environments we seek to turn a problem into an opportunity for growth and innovation. 

The close collaboration between S+G, engineers within water technology, a manufacturer of precast elements and contractors allows the practice to develop innovative street design solutions and stormwater management systems. With Waterways the water ecology will become a visible and value-generating part of the future street economy. During flash floods our Waterways provide additional water retention capacity, potentially reducing flooding damage to public and private property.