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Building a ‘playfully logical’ hospital

30. January 2024
Børneriget: A playful logical hospital

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We take an innovative approach to architecture by combining science and art with a deep understanding of people and environment. Our green innovation unit, GXN, focuses on developing sustainable building materials, technologies and practices. The result of our expertise is iconic and humane architecture featuring cutting-edge green solutions and technologies.

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Rigshospitalet, the largest public and teaching hospital in Copenhagen, is developing a new hospital for children, adolescents and pregnant women that aims to set new standards for hospital architecture. It affects the whole family, when children get sick, so the aim is to focus on the human side of sustainability, as the physical surroundings directly and indirectly affect people’s bodies, minds, and well-being.

Tackling the challenge of catering to a diverse patient group, all while creating a healthy indoor environment, 3XN will lead the development of the new section labelled BørneRiget.


The design of the hospital is based on the metaphor of two hands stretching into the light, symbolizing a connection to the city and the outdoors, while allowing flexible ward layouts, with furniture that could be easily changed and reorganized according to the needs of patients and their families. 3XN A/S envisions a hospital that seamlessly integrates sustainability, architecture, and organization. At the end of each finger, double-height conservatories with different themes and experiences are designed according to the needs of the patient group – either as a playground, a respite, a green area, or a living space. A key element of the solution lies in the commitment to ‘healing architecture,’ where aesthetics and the physical environment directly impact well-being.



View from inside the section of the hospital.

Photo credit: 3XN


The result of the project is a groundbreaking hospital that prioritizes patient-centric sustainability, incorporating natural forms and welcoming décor. Through a co-creative process involving users and architects, the hospital emerges as an inclusive space, that ensures that both patients and their families feel safe and comfortable. Family rooms are designed to accommodate everyday routines, offering spaces for meals, overnight stays, and personalization, reflecting the ambition to make the hospital a place of healing on the children’s terms.

The new BørneRiget stands as a ‘playfully logical’ hospital, setting new standards for future treatment and care.