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Biomass and Biofuel-Based Polygeneration

2. November 2009

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Biomass and biofuel-based polygeneration for off-grid and grid-connected operation

The unique Stirling engine technology enables conversion of low-value biomass into carbon neutral and high-value electricity and heat. The project develops and demonstrates a concept for an off-grid, fuel-flexible container power plant, which is to document the potential of the technology as an alternative to diesel generators for use during island operation.

Project manager:
Stirling Danmark ApS

Barritskov Skov- og Landbrug
DTU Mechanical Engineering
FORCE Technology
I/S Amagerforbrænding

EUDP: DKK 4,990,000
Total budget: DKK 7,573,000

1st quarter 2011

Emissions from the plant is lower than typical emission limits as measurements show 120 mg/NmH CO, 110 mg/NmH NOx and 6.0 mg/NmH for particle emissions (all measurements are related to dry base and 10% O2) and further the overall efficiency of the plant is above 85% with an electrical efficiency of 16%. During the project the plant was in operation for 1,584 hours producing 36 MWh of electricity. Test of willow chips as fuel showed that it is critical that fuel for the up-draft gasifier meets the fuel specifications especially related to size distribution of the fuel.