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Bornholm’s Biokraft Biogas Plant

8. December 2009

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The Biokraft biogas plant is owned by Bornholm’s energy company Østkraft. The plant generates energy from biomass, primarily animal manure and organic waste. The biomass is mixed in three reactors and generates biogas, after which it is converted into electricity and district heating for Bornholm consumers. The degassed slurry is transported back to farms as fertiliser.

Biogas is a CO2-neutral fuel that reduces the need for fossil fuels. At the same time, it helps to reduce emissions of methane (a greenhouse gas) from on-farm slurry tanks. The plant processes slurry received from Bornholm farms and returns the degassed slurry as fertiliser which benefits both the farmer and the aquatic environment. The degassing process converts the organically-bound fertiliser component in the slurry into an ammonium state which makes it easier for the plants to absorb the nitrogen, thus reducing the emission of nitrogen to waterways adjacent to the fields.

Biokraft expects to generate 14,500 MWh of electricity in 2010 – enough to meet the electricity needs of 3,600 households for one year – and to generate 12,000 MWh of heat. The expected output of degassed slurry is 85,000 tonnes.

Visitors can tour the biogas plant which includes a presentation of the process, technology, future development and optimising procedures.