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AirBird – for safe classrooms and workspaces

22. June 2021

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AirBird for personal air quality monitoringThe idea for the AirBird stems from the old practice of using canaries in coal mines to warn miners of poor air. In the modern home context, the AirBird It can quickly detect poor indoor air quality and helps the occupants of a room to take necessary action. It measures CO2, temperature and humidity every few minutes to look for patterns.

The AirBird® performs real-time sensing with high precision air quality sensors and advanced algorithms that can give feedback via bird sounds or via  soft glow to prompt you to adjust ventilation, heating or cooling.

We spend 90% of our time indoors in developed countries - and in some societies and situations, this can be higher. From the homes we live in, to the offices or schools we spend our day in activities are done indoors. Indoor air needs continuous flow and exchange with fresh air. The easiest way to ensure this in many spaces is to ventilate adequate and in a timely manner. Studies suggest that improving CO2 concentrations can enhance the performance of office workers, make learning more effective for children at school, improve sleep, and decrease the risk of asthma and allergies.

The challenge lies in that most people do not recognise the extent to which this impacts us. It is hard to perceive rising levels of CO2, and prolonged exposure to high levels makes us feel tired, sleepy and seriously reducing our ability to perform activities with concentration. The air in your bedroom as you sleep, living rooms or dining spaces during gatherings, classrooms during classes, meeting rooms with full occupancy etc. are everyday instances of living with poor indoor air. You can make a change to your indoor air quality, only if you choose to go about your activities differently.

The AirBird® is designed to be easily wall-mounted or placed on your desk. Its high-performance engineering gives up to 12 months of battery life with high-quality alkaline batteries with the added advantage of no cables and clutter.

The AirBird® Plus version can also wirelessly connect to a hub to transmit data and generate artificial intelligence(A.I) supported recommendations via a companion App for smartphones. AirBird® Plus devices offer multi-room indoor climate overviews to enable coverage in larger spaces.