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100 international investors and entrepreneurs gathered for EVC

14. November 2017

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Every year, the international energy competition ‘European Venture Contest Energy’ gathers around 100 investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts from across Europe. The aim of the competition is to find potential investors for entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the field of renewable energy. To make sure that the execution of the event is successful, a local partner is chosen as host for the events.

Practical planning

Three years running – from 2012 to 2014 – Insero has been chosen as host and has handled the practical planning - both before and after the event. This included room booking, ordering of food, setting up the technical equipment, posters, cleaning-up etc. Furthermore, Insero has handled various communicative tasks such as composition of press releases before and after the event and production of videos about the event. Besides Insero, the event had several partners, including Europe Unlimited, the Municipality of Aarhus, the Municipality of Horsens, Invest in Denmark and the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Energy for networking

The communicative initiatives have served as a supplement to the communication of the competition, given that the press releases have created publicity both locally and nationally. The videos based on the events serve as a follow-up and extension of the competition - and promote the coming year's competition.

Because of the outsourcing of practical tasks associated with planning and hosting the competition, the organisers were able to focus on networking activities with participants and running the actual competition. After each competition, Insero has received a lot of positive feedback on the collaboration as well as the hosting and execution of the event – one of the reasons why Insero was chosen to host three years in a row.