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ZITON is the market-leading service provider for major component replacements within offshore wind operations & maintenance.


Founded: 2008

Employees: 51-250

HQ: Horsens, Denmark

Organisation type: Company



Offshore wind

Wind energy

Wind turbine manufacturing and components

ZITON is the market-leading service provider within offshore wind operations & maintenance. ZITON owns and operates five purpose built jack-up vessels. Our primary business is to provide services for major component replacements, including gearboxes, generators, blades, transformers, main bearings, main shafts, full rotors etc. In addition, ZITON provides jack-up services such as installation support, blade repair and decommissioning of turbines, foundations and met masts.

ZITON is a specialised operations and maintenance service provider to offshore wind farm owners and turbine manufacturers. Our jack-up vessels provide cost-efficient and flexible solutions for exchanging major components on offshore wind turbines, and we provide strategic planning services to help reduce the costs of operating offshore wind farms.

With a solid track record gained from more than 1,600 major component replacements on more than 1,200 wind turbines in 74 different offshore wind farms, ZITON is in a strong position to contribute to the continued development of the offshore wind industry.

ZITON was first established in 2008 from its base in Aarhus, Denmark. Previously called DBB Jack-Up, the company changed its name in June 2016 to ZITON.


Reducing the cost of energy from offshore wind is our driving force. We are vigilant in understanding what brings value to our customers and how they can gain more from their investments. Not only are we investing in the people and the equipment to meet the needs of the market today and tomorrow, but we are also investing in sharing knowledge and experiences throughout the industry.

But we cannot solve all the industry’s challenges alone. It will take cooperation throughout the supply chain if the industry is to live up to its potential of delivering sustainable, cost-effective energy.

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