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SproutWorld – the company behind the only plantable pencil

SproutWorld – the company behind the only plantable pencil

About SproutWorld – the company behind the only plantable pencil

You simply use your plantable Sprout pencil, plant it and grow your own herbs, vegetables, flowers or trees.


Founded: 2013

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark

Organisation type: Company



Product life extension and reuse

Recycling of waste to material

Resource efficient production

Smart waste solutions


SproutWorld is a Danish B Corp certified company behind the world’s only plantable pencil and makeup pencil.

The Sprout pencil has a seed inside. When it’s too short to write with, the pencil can be planted and will grow into a lovely plant like a flower, a herb, a vegetable or a tree.

The seed capsule is water activated. The first few times you water the pot with your planted pencil, the capsule starts the seed’s germination.

Rethink – reuse!

SproutWorld has specialized in developing sustainable products with a second life. Plant your pencil stub when it is too short to write or color with – and watch it grow into herbs, flowers or vegetables. Join their mission to focus on waste reduction, recycling – and innovation. Note that all products can be customized with your logo or special message.

SproutWorld has sold over 70 million plantable pencils in more than 80 countries. Customers like Coca Cola, Disney, Marriott, Save the Children, Michelle Obama and Richard Branson have used Sprout pencils as green giveaways or merchandise.

SproutWorld has sustainability integrated in their DNA. They work seriously with different projects to leave a positive impact on the environment, and aims to become NetZero in 2029.

Furthermore, they have planted 12.000 new trees in Poland where their European production is placed.


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