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About Q-Interline

Save time, energy, raw materials, and ensure product quality. With nearly 30 years of experience, Q-Interline is your sampling expert and FT-NIR partner. We make in-line and at-line product and process analysis fast, easy, representative, and cost-efficient.


Founded: 1996

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Tølløse

Organisation type: Company


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in industry


Resource efficient production

Waste prevention

Q-Interline provides FT-NIR analytical solutions to customers in dairy, agriculture, feed, and food and ingredients. We help companies reduce their energy consumption, optimize their raw material utilization and their production processes, while still ensuring and documenting product quality.

By using Q-Interline’s FT-NIR analysers, producers in the agricultural industry can analyse both the soil and the crops they grow. This allows them to improve the production efficiency, lower the number of fertilizers, and increase the production volume without increasing the space used for the production.

Our analysers can be used to determine the nutritional composition in the feed and forage. With this knowledge, the agricultural sector can optimize the feeding of their animals, producing food in a more sustainable way.

With Q-Interline’s InSight Pro for in-line analysis, our customers get a continuous insight into and overview of their production process. The data insight helps our customers reducing waste and getting more end product out of the same amount of raw material. Also, our analytical solutions require less cleaning and flushing, which means less chemicals and less product waste.

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