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Since our foundation Denmark in 1996, EC POWER has developed into the leading manufacturer of combined-heat-and-power plans (CHP) in Europe with more than 15.000 XRGI® Units sold worldwide


Founded: 1996

Employees: 51-250

HQ: Hinnerup

Organisation type: Company




Combined heat and power production

District energy

Energy efficiency


Discover the Future with EC POWER: Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy and Innovative CHP Technology

EC POWER: Pioneering Spirit Since 1996

Founded in Denmark in 1996, EC POWER has always been at the forefront of energy transition, particularly in the field of combined heat and power (CHP). With over 25 patents, we exemplify innovative strength and a pioneering spirit. This is why we are not only the market leader in Germany for CHP units in the 3-80 kWel range but also the technological frontrunner in Europe.

Rapid Response and Groundbreaking Innovation

We swiftly respond to market and societal changes. Through targeted innovations, we ensure sustainable energy technologies for future generations. EC POWER is determined to remain a technological leader in the industry well into the future.

Creating a Sustainable Future with XRGI®

Our XRGI® cogeneration units offer the most efficient way to provide decentralized heat and power to buildings. They maximize fuel utilization – achieving overall efficiency rates of up to 106% net – and deliver even greater efficiencies when integrated with other technologies.

Our CHP units operate on gas, ideally low-carbon green gases. Every XRGI® unit can run on 100% renewable energy. This means our already low CO2 emissions – approximately 50% lower than conventional energy systems – can be reduced even further.

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