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About Sustainable Transportation

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Sustainable Transportation

Every day, we move ourselves by different means of transportation, be it for work or pleasure, or to freight goods between companies, countries and continents. The challenge is not to curb transportation, but to make it sustainable and fossil-free. This can be achieved by building infrastructure that promotes sustainable modes of transportation and through intelligent communication technologies making transportation more energy efficient.

Large investments in sustainable transportation
Denmark has invested largely in both modernising and updating existing infrastructure and in developing new infrastructure, services and technologies. Denmark has thereby managed to decouple the emission in the transportation sector from an increased demand for transportation. 

In urban areas of Denmark, sustainable mobility management initiatives have caused less congestion and easier accessibility through the city and today, the bicycle is the preferred mean of transportation, carrying positive socioeconomic benefits. In fact, for every kilometre commuted by bike, rather than by car, society saves around EUR 1 per/km. 

Improvements in public transportation
An enlargement of the Copenhagen Metro is currently under construction and improvements in the national Danish railway system are realised, making Denmark the first country to fully implement the common European signaling system ERTMS. This, combined with electrification, will reduce the travel time between the largest cities to only 1 hour. 

In public buses sustainable fuels are applied. By 2020, 10% biomass will be added to ordinary gasoline and diesel used in cars, vans and trucks, thereby reducing transportation emissions substantially. 

Sustainable transportation for all
According to the European Commission, the transportation sector accounts for almost a quarter of CO2 emissions in the EU, and some 95% of the energy consumption in the transportation sector comes from oil and oil-based products. 

Luckily, the market for environmental technologies is growing. Thanks to R&D, new technologies of sustainable fuels and energy efficiency in the transportation sector are continuously developed. By 2020, products and services related to sustainable mobility will represent a global market of EUR 300 billion – a remarkable increase from the EUR 200 billion it represents today. Countries striving to reduce the CO2 emissions could benefit significantly, both socioeconomically and environmentally, from the new technologies available today: 

- Explore more than 130 ‘Solutions’ within sustainable transportation
- Connect with more than 100 ‘Profiles’ within sustainable transportation 

Interested in learning more?
For further information on Sustainable Transportation, please contact Majken Kalhave, Senior Project Manager, / +45 2371 2606. 

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