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About Bioenergy

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Denmark has utilised biomass to produce bioenergy for decades, in fact, the consumption of biomass for heat and power production in Denmark more than quadrupled between 1980 and 2009. Today, approximately 70% of renewable-energy consumption in Denmark stems from biomass, primarily wood pellets, straw and wood chips, and towards 2020, bioenergy will continue to make up the majority of total renewable energy consumption.

Producing more with less
The greenhouse gas emissions from the Danish agriculture and food production continue to decline – and the same goes overall for other environmental parameters. The driving force behind this development can be found in the sector itself. Innovative farmers and food companies have led to improved efficiency in production and substantial gains in climate and environmental impacts. Optimisation of breeding and feeding, improved utilisation of nitrogen in crops, upgrading of bi-products and changes in tillage are among the main factors. As part of the solutions supporting climate and environment-friendly food production, the Danish agriculture and food cluster also utilises the bi-products to produce products of higher value.

Bioenergy for all
Specifically, Danish companies rank among the world’s leading developers of biomass boilers as well as developers of enzymes for production of second-generation bioethanol. With regard to biomass and biofuels, increased use in combined heat and power production and transport continues to improve Danish companies’ opportunities for development, innovation and exports. Within agriculture, Denmark is spearheading new technologies to turn biogas and liquid biomass into energy, and dozens of plants, private and public alike, are already in operation today:

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