Viegand Maagøe

    Viegand Maagøe

    Viegand Maagøe provides communication and consulting services on energy, climate, and sustainability to public and private organizations and companies in Denmark and abroad. It all started with wind turbines, heating systems, societal conditions, and a dream about making the world slightly more energy efficient. Today, 35 employees work hard every day to help consumers and businesses focus on using energy more efficiently.

    We provide analysis and scrutiny of energy, sustainable new constructions and sustainable renovation of buildings. Our services cover the buildings and the plants, as well as the equipment in the buildings. We do also provide energy audits, analyses, feasibility studies, financial and technical decision preparing framework and climate strategies for companies.

    We have extensive experience with industrial processes, utility systems and biomass solutions and can arrange major investment grants for our clients. We also calculate the CO2 emissions for organizations in areas such as transport, energy consumption and the purchase of products and services. Furthermore we have experience in process and project management in development projects, and therefore can also offer sparring, discussions and teaching.

    On the other hand we have years of experience with all forms of communication. We can assist and advise on communication within the energy and climate fields in areas such as press, web, publications, social media, IT tools and much more. Our service covers everything from establishing media partnerships and relationship building, to mobile apps and operating and constructing websites.

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    Primary contact
    Marianne Hartz Thomas
    +45 24 83 26 63