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More sustainable buildings

To reduce CO2-emissions from buildings, it is necessary to look at a building’s overall qualities, properties and functionality in terms of energy efficiency, healthy indoor climate and renewable energy.

Together these three key areas constitute the core of what the VELUX Group refers to as Sustainable Living – the ability to continue improving the quality of our homes and maintaining high living standards while reducing or eliminating CO2-emissions.

Energy efficiency and CO2 reduction:

To reduce CO2-emissions and optimise energy performance, it is necessary to consider the building as a whole, not just the sum of its components. Energy efficiency needs to be incorporated into the very design of the building and natural available resources, such as the sun and wind, should be exploited to a maximum.


Healthy indoor climate:

Maximum daylight and ventilation are preconditions to ensuring optimal indoor comfort and minimal energy consumption consistent with the standards of the future.

Several studies document that daylight has a positive effect on health, productivity, children’s learning abilities and general well-being.

Renewable energy:

Solar energy is the key to decreased CO2 consumption in our homes. By making renewable energy an integral part of the building, we can make the house an energy contributor instead of an energy consumer. 


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