Onshore wind supplying clean electricity production

Having a clean electricity production is vital for reaching a carbon-free society.

Denmark has been a first-mover when it comes to capturing wind resources for electricity production. Technology has improved tremendously since the first modern-day turbines were developed. Great potential exists for repowering the old sites, which will reduce the number of turbines, lessen the impact on the surrounding area and at the same time increase the production of fossil-free energy.

This is the case with Vattenfall’s Klim Wind Farm. With an average wind speed of 8 metres per second, the area is perfect for energy production. When 35 old turbines were replaced by 22 modern, highly efficient turbines, the energy production more than tripled.
Today the wind farm can cover the annual electricity consumption of 64,000 Danish households, making it one of the largest in Denmark as measured by energy production.

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