R&D Project

Test Your Renewable Energy Technology in Denmark

In Thisted Municipality we have two national Test Centers and development is also taking place within biogas and solar energy.

Large Wind Turbines
In 2012 the National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines, Oesterild, was opened. It has a capacity of 7 test benches for wind turbines with a height up to 250m.

Wave Energy
Wave Energy has been tested in Thisted Municipality for almost 20 years and by establishing Danish Wave Energy Center, DanWEC this has been formalized. The center consists of two test areas:

  • Test site Nissum Bredning (Fjord) for wave energy plants in scale 1:10 – 1:5.
  • Test site Hanstholm(North sea) for full scale wave energy plants

Solar, geothermal and biomass
District heating and power supply in Thisted is based on renewable energy sources such as geothermal along with solar and straw- and waste incineration.

In the region of Thisted Municipality farmers have been producing biogas since 1988. Today the pioneering plants have all been replaced by new and larger facilities.

Primary contact
Pennie Fogth Henriksen

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