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Roskilde University

Roskilde University (RUC) develops and conducts research and research-based teaching at a high international level within and across the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technical fields of science. The goal is innovative, critical and interdisciplinary research and education.

The University was established in 1972. It currently has approximately 7.500 students and 1.200 employees across a variety of fields.

The university is research-driven and provides education for future generations of managers, teachers and experts based on advanced knowledge. The work conducted at RUC is characterized by:

  • Pushing boundaries for knowledge through a problem-oriented approach
  • Focusing research and education on fields where the university has international or national status
  • by Bringing university and society together


  • Department of Communication and Arts
  • Department of Science and Environment
  • Department of People and Technology
  • Department of Social Sciences and Business
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