The largest onshore windfarm in Denmark

The largest onshore windfarm in Denmark.
To realise a wind turbine project near Ringkøbing, at the village Ølstrup, 12 properties was bought. Residents at a distance of 4.5 km or less from the turbines have been able to buy shares in the project. That means, that 17 landowners now own turbines for no less than 590 million DKK.

Facts about the windfarm:

  • The turbines are close to Ringkøbing between No and Ølstrup.
  • Of all the turbines, 22 of them are Vestas turbines V112 – 3.3 MW that comes from local factories in the Municipality of Ringkøbing.
  • The wind farm can produce enough power to 57,000 households. In terms of production capacity, it is Denmarks largest onshore wind farm.
  • Total height of the turbines is approximately 150 meters.
  • The investment and the 20-year service agreement amounts to approximately 750 million. DKK
  • The turbines are owned by 22 local investors and landowners.
  • 20 per cent of the overall project, which is 4.4 wind turbines have been sold to neighbors and locals in the form of 44,000 shares.
  • The project bought 12 country houses to have enough space to enable the project.


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