District Heating and Cooling in Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen and all the utilities taking part in this system can present smart sustainable energy solutions at the level of the metropol as well as specific city districts, e.g. Carlsbergbyen, Høje Taastrup and Taarnby.

Denmark is one of the most energy efficient countries in the world. The widespread use of district heating systems and CHP supported by national energy policies since the 1970s has proved to be a successful way to improve the energy efficiency and tackle climate change and security of supply in Danish cities.

These successful results can be illustrated through Greater Copenhagen’s integrated DHC system; the City of Copenhagen and 24 surrounding municipalities have since the 1980s developed a world-class DHC system which today covers 98% of the total heat demand in the district heating zones, mainly through CHP and waste-to-energy.

Ramboll has contributed to making the integrated DHC system in Copenhagen a success. From 1970, Ramboll has provided a wide range of consultancy services to most of the energy companies and authorities in the region, including:

  • Planning of heat supply for most of the municipalities;
  • Planning, design, and implementation of the heat transmission networks for CTR and Vestforbrænding as well as more than 10 distribution networks incl. Frederiksberg Forsyning and the three waste to energy plants, Vestforbrænding, ARC and KARA/NOVEREN.
  • Planning and design of Avedøreværket and Amagerværket including 3 x 24,000 m3 heat storage tanks.
  • Rehabilitation of old district heating networks for several of the district heating companies.
  • Analysing stationary and pressure transient hydraulic in the whole transmission system.
  • Planning and design of district cooling systems
  • Planning and design of district cooling and district heating in a an new urban development next to Kastrup Metro station in Taarnby, inlcuding a 6,5 MW heat pump installation and a 2000 m3 chilled water storage for smart integration of electricity, district heating, district cooling, waste water and groud water

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