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Ramboll works innovatively with the transformation of the energy sector from fossil fuels to renewable energy. At Avedøre Power Station (in English: Avedore Power Station) in Copenhagen, Ramboll is assisting Ørsted in converting power station units from coal to biomass. The plant itself is unique in its efficient use of fuel and its ability to produce heat and power highly efficiently.

The end-result will be very efficient combined heat and power production with low CO2-emissions.

Natural gas, straw and wood pellets

Located on the coast just south of Copenhagen, Unit 2 of Avedøre Power Station uses natural gas, oil, straw and wood pellets for simultaneous generation of heat and electricity. The plant is one of the most efficient in the world, as it exploits up to 94 percent of the energy in the fuels and has an electrical efficiency of 49 percent.

Mastering the multi-fuel biomass challenge

Ramboll Power has, since the conception of Avedøre Power Station’s Unit 1 in the 1980s been a regular provider of expertise to the owner Ørsted on a wide range of specialist issues. Since the construction in 2001 of Unit 2, Ramboll Power has participated in the development of the plant’s continuous and flexible adaptations to new fuel types, leading up to today’s state-of-the-art multi-fuel production of power and of heat for the Copenhagen district heating system.

A model for multi-fuel adaptation

A model for multi-fuel adaptation, the heart of Unit 2 consists of an 80 m high tower boiler linked to a steam turbine and a generator. The boiler, fuel logistic and combustion system enables a fully fuel-flexible operation on either coal (100 percent load), oil (100 percent load), Ngas (100 percent) or biomass (70 percent load). An additional separate, dedicated biomass boiler operating on straw features an output capacity of 45 MW. Firing up to 25 tonnes of straw per hour, it is innovatively connected directly to the main boiler steam cycle, providing high-efficiency heat and power based on biomass. In addition, the plant comprises two separate gas-driven turbines, each with a capacity of 110 MW. The gas turbines are connected to the main steam cycle as feed water heaters, providing the capability to switch flexibly between heat or power driven operation.

Unit 2’s highly efficient use of fuels is reached through elevated steam data, i.e. by firing at 300 bar pressure at a temperature of 600˚C.

A complex fuel logistics system is connected to the plant with two silos carrying a capacity of 100,000 tonnes each, and with adjoining harbour facilities that allow for biomass to be shipped in from abroad or from a pelletation plant further down the coast – also designed and constructed by Ramboll Power – to be shipped directly to the door.

Ramboll Power has, since the conception of Avedøre Power Station’s Unit 1 in the 1980s been a regular provider of expertise to the owner Ørsted on a wide range of specialist issues.

Ramboll’s part in the project

The construction and adaptations of Avedøre Power Plant’s Units 1 and 2 has engaged a broad spectrum of Ramboll’s specialist skills. Ramboll’s services have included:

  • Feasibility study and early-phase analysis
  • Project development
  • Basic process and layout design
  • FEED study
  • Negotiation and contracting
  • EPCM involving a high degree of engineering
  • Commissioning
  • O&M
  • Adaptations/retrofit
  • Former and future master plans to extend bio mass capabilities

For more details, contact:

Mogens Skov,

Global Division Director, Ramboll Energy Power

Or contact Ørsted.

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