Closed loop in reuse packaging-as-service


Today’s requirements for sustainability in packaging are increasing at every step of the value chain and consumers are increasingly looking for new ways to reduce packaging usage and waste.


One way to do so is to offer circular models of reuse for food packaging. Plus Pack, one of Europe’s leading players in designing and producing circular packaging solutions to the food industry, and start-up Cirqle, which delivers reuse packaging-as-a-service, have introduced a new partnership to develop a reuse model for the primary packaging of foods. The solution also has the potential for convenience foods and take-away. The key elements in the partnership are close collaboration, standards, and scale. Cirqle develops a unique system and digital solutions to handle packaging in a closed-loop, and four areas are in focus to offer reuse packaging-as-a-service; the design and production of food packaging which can be reused; a technology that enables the ability to track the packaging throughout its use; a system to transport the packaging between the different actors in the loop and not least ensuring food safety, quality and hygiene throughout all steps.


The reuse packaging-as-service offers a new circular consumption model, which reduces packaging and waste, thus encompassing the potential to reduce Co2 emissions by up to 60 per cent when compared to single-use packaging

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We’re dedicated to designing sustainable and customized food packaging solutions. And to making our customers stand out in the marketplace. Our vision is to be the preferred partner of customized and sustainable packaging solutions, delivering 100% recyclable products with zero CO2 emissions.

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