LEAKman: Unique Danish partnership against global water losses

Nine Danish partners have formed a consortium with the objective to stop urban water losses.

In the capital region of Denmark, they listen carefully to their water distribution networks. The country’s two largest water suppliers, HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility) and Novafos, are transforming parts of their water distribution networks around Copenhagen with state-of-the-art technology.

Here, noise loggers now listen for the sounds of leaks. Smart water meters measure end-user consumption. Intelligent valves and pumps enable active pressure management which reduces the risk of bursts. The collected data is combined with SCADA and GIS in real-time hydraulic modelling and processed in online management information systems to facilitate automatic leakage management and online monitoring of KPIs. This enables leakage teams to target the weakest pipeline segments with the goal of reducing Non-Revenue Water levels to 4-6%.

The project is called LEAKman and consists of nine Danish partners representing technology providers, consultants, water utilities and the Technical University of Denmark, who have joined forces to demonstrate Danish solutions and pave the way for new technology. The ambition is to make water utilities more smart, efficient and sustainable – in Denmark as well as worldwide.

Achieve the full potential The approach in the demo-facilities designated by HOFOR and Novafos integrates the four key elements of leakage management: pressure management, active leakage control, pipeline management and rehabilitation as well as speed and quality of repairs.

These elements and many of the corresponding components are already in use at water utilities. However, they are often installed as part of separate projects with only little or inefficient interface between the different components. As a consequence, the full potential of the entire system is never achieved. A key point of the LEAKman implementation is to establish seamless and generic interfaces between all components in order to optimise the value of each individual system when combined with the other systems.

The LEAKman project is a 5-year project under the Eco-Innovation Programme supported by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark which runs from 2016 to 2020 and has an overall budget of EUR 5.7 million.


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