Organic dairy saves time, money and CO2 emissions with new warehouse

Thise is an innovative Danish dairy specialising in organic products. Due to increased demand, Thise decided to build a new high bay warehouse and enlarge parts of its existing facilities. In 2017, the Danish consultancy company NIRAS started conducting assessments and analysing logistics. NIRAS’ experts designed the warehouse to be as logistically efficient, environmentally friendly and considerate of its’ neighbours as possible. The new warehouse is partly embedded in a raised mound and the chimneys’ paint emulates the sky to make the site less noticeable. A new biofuel boiler provides energy while emitting less CO2, and a fully automated crane system stores and retrieves packing materials. Water and heat consumption have been lowered due to water and heat metres that were installed and monitored remotely by Kamstrup, a leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions. The project also includes better facilities for its personnel and an area that allows visitors to get close to the production without risking the food safety or the quality of the products. Thise has reduced its use of diesel for transport by 2.3 per cent and its CO2 emissions from 4,200 tonnes in 2018 to 2,300 tonnes in 2019.

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