How to integrate SDG’s when developing Climate Change Adaptation projects?

NIRAS presents in cooperation with Aalborg University, a new ‘Guidance on integrating the Sustainable Development Goals in urban climate change adaptation projects’.

We utilized our knowledge from local climate adaptation projects to introduce a working methodology for how the global SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) can be integrated into local adaptation projects. The guidance zooms in on Climate Adaptation as a specific challenge, and presents a hands-on, five-step approach on how to integrate the SDGs in projects:

  • STEP 1: Identify and involve relevant stakeholders
  • STEP 2: Identify the most relevant SDGs
  • STEP 3: Assess the level of local impact
  • STEP 4: Develop an initial action plan
  • STEP 5: Monitor and evaluate

SDG Capture

Recently, NIRAS developed an SDG Capture tool which helps visualize, screen, monitor and asses the impacts of integrating the SDGs in any given project. It has proven to be helpful when working with the SDGs on an operational level. The new guidance includes the SDG Capture tool in its methodology – and combines it with the five-step approach – in order to increase sustainability on a project level.

Until now, the focus has mainly been on integrating the SDGs on a strategic level. However, to create a paradigm shift in the use of the SDGs, the Goals need to be integrated into projects at regional and local levels as well.

The guidance is based on both academic research and professional experience from the field of climate adaptation. It shows how the SDGs can work as a catalyst for communication throughout different project phases, as well as to elucidate new angles inspired by the SDGs.

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Morten Pedersen

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