Energy efficient cookstoves in Laos assist Copenhagen Airport in becoming CO2-neutral

The implementation of Copenhagen Airport’s climate strategy is well underway as the airport has already achieved CO2 neutrality in 2019. NIRAS’ consultants have been actively involved in this process.

In March 2019, Copenhagen Airport launched its climate strategy. The strategy, which adheres to the global Airport Carbon Accreditation standard, features the commitment to becoming CO2-neutral in 2019. The CO2 neutrality has been fully achieved by firstly reducing the Airport’s own emissions through various initiatives and secondly, by buying carbon credits from a CO2-reducing project. The airport will, however, continue to work on eliminating its own CO2emissions in the near future.

Based on NIRAS’ experience in designing and implementing climate strategies, the Airport requested its advisory services on how to structure a CO2 offsetting model and its practical implementation. For this instance, the NIRAS team applied a methodology in which clean energy projects are used to compensate for CO2 emissions.

In close cooperation with the Airport, a major tender process for candidate projects was conducted under NIRAS’ lead. As a result, Copenhagen Airport will achieve its CO2-neutral goals through a project that distributes energy-efficient cookstoves in Laos.

The project will be of particular benefit to the climate as each energy-efficient cookstove consumes 40 per cent less fuel as compared to the use of the previous primitive cookstoves or simply cooking on an open fire. The new cookstoves provide a smaller CO2 discharge as well as a better economy for families in Laos. In the case of the Airport’s project, more than 270,000 energy-efficient cookstoves have already been sold.

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Niels Bahnsen

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