Climate adaptation brings a traditional park up to date

Following severe flooding after a cloudburst in July 2011, Frederiksberg Municipality in Copenhagen decided to use green urban solutions to store rainwater as part of the municipality’s climate adaptation plan.

The Lindevang Park is a climate adaptation project which stores rainwater, increases the recreational value for  he park’s visitors and contributes to a welcoming and safe urban environment. A ditch collects the water from a 12,000 m2 area and together with a surface basin in the park, it forms a storage facility of 1,850 m3. The ditch is planted with apple trees and black currant to form a public fruit garden.

This has reduced areas of concealment and improved visibility which offers visitors a feeling of safety. Just outside the park, a square has been transformed to store 200 m3 of rainwater on the surface with an iconic 80 metres long concrete wall formed as the Fibonacci spiral for the neighbouring schools to practise mathematics with. On the top of the concreate wall, water runs through a trench for children to play with. The water also cancels out traffic noise for the benefit of visitors who use the square to enjoy food and drinks.

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