Ambitious water management partnership between Denmark and Malaysia signed

The Malaysian Water Association (MWA) has signed an agreement with Danish water specialists in order to reduce water losses in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, an average of 35 percent of clean drinking water is lost before it reaches consumers. While the most effective states lose approximately 20 percent of the pure water, more than 60 percent disappears due to leakage in the regions where water losses are highest. Consequently, the Malaysian Water Association (MWA) has now signed an agreement with Danish water specialists in order to reduce water losses in Malaysia.

The agreement is between MWA, DANVA – The Danish Water and Wastewater Association – and NIRAS. The new partnership means that Malaysian water utility professionals receive training to educate them in more advanced methods within groundwater utilization and leakage management.

The training courses for the Malaysian water professionals will be prepared during the autumn of 2019, and workshops will accordingly be conducted in late 2019.

As part of the training, VIA University College offers knowledge of didactics and effective teaching methods. NIRAS has some of the industry’s leading specialists within leakage management and groundwater management. In addition, DANVA contributes with many years of practical experience from the Danish water sector.

Water losses must be reduced to 31 percent in Malaysia as early as 2020, and in 2025, the goal of reduction is 25 percent. At the same time, efforts in the field of groundwater management are to increase the security of supply for the country’s 32 million inhabitants.

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