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Lindø Nacelle Testing
LORC offers the world’s most realistic and advanced tests of wind turbines up to 10MW, on a site with unique infrastructure and crane capacity to handle heavy duty items up to 1000 tonnes.

A Function Test Facility with a 33kV grid emulator for the electrical testing of external grid events, and a HALT Test Facility (Highly Accelerated Lifetime Test) for testing of nacelles as well as drive-train components such as gearboxes and main bearings.

Watch the video below to see how LORC performs Nacelle Testing.

Lindø Component and Structure Testing is a strategic partnership with FORCE Technology – Denmark´s largest Technological Service Institute.
Lindø Component and Structure Testing is located on a 5.000 square meter field with offices and test facilities hosted in a 1.250 square meter test hall.

Mechanical Testing
The mechanical testing is done on a large area Strong Floor with reaction walls. Hydraulic actuators are doing cyclic mechanical loading on the test object in order to verify durability and fatigue properties.

Climatic Testing
The 900m3 (8m x 8m x 14m) large climate chamber can vary the temperature from +60°C to -38°C as well as control the humidity and add salt spray.

Lindø Welding Technology
The Welding Technology Center (LWT) is performing high power (2 x 16kW) laser hybrid welding.

Watch the video to see how LORC performs mechanical, welding and climate testing.

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