KNARR Cargo Airship

Sustainable wind turbine freight by modern airship technology.

”In the global economy has efficient and sustainable freight of goods as well as well-running logistics become a increasingly more important element in case of understanding and keeping competitive benefits.” (Nordic Transportpolitical Network)

The wind turbine industry has experienced a huge development the latest years. It is expected to continue. The reason is caused by the wind turbines’ bigger dimensions and larger efficiency among other things. One wind turbines’ production price of electricity has dropped with about 80% during the last 20 years. That makes the wind turbines more cost-effective. Conversely has the increasing dimensions and weight entailed a complication of a wind turbines transport and installation. Furthermore, it has a larger impact on the environment.

This project deals with the use of modern airship technology as an alternative to the freight business of heavy cargo – particularly wind turbine parts.

Our goal has been to make a freight solution, which will reduce the energy consumption of today’s wind turbine freight. Furthermore we wanted to make the logistics around the wind turbine freight more simple and efficient.
We have made a solution for an airship, which will be capable of transporting the wind turbine parts from manufacture to installation site.

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Technical Specifications

  • Crew: 8
  • Dimensions: 360 m / 200 m / 90 m (L/W/H)
  • Gas type: Helium
  • Freight capacity: 1000 tons
  • Source of Energy: Solar cells (63062 m 2)
  • Energy storage: Hydrogen Fuel cell conversion
  • Engines: 14 x 400 horsepowers (150 kW)
  • Flying range: Unlimited
  • Flying height: max. 3 km
  • Max. speed: 180 km/h
  • Average speed: 140 km/h

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