Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis – Utilising Byproducts

The world's first industrial symbiosis ensures good corporate conditions and positive environmental impact and has so for more than three decades setting a high standard.

Increase production with less energy

Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis facilitates the possibility for companies to cooperate and utilise each other’s residuals and byproducts. An opportunity to increase production without consuming more energy, water or natural resources. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. By applying the old saying Kalundborg managed to establish the world’s first industrial symbiosis and setting a high standard for sustainable business practice.

The importance of saving resources is emphasised by the scarcity of natural resources in the world today and not only do mutual utilisation ensure conditions for corporate growth, it also have a positive environmental impact. Pairing companies in industrial symbioses offers more opportunities than obstacles and Kalundborg Municipality ensures that every business agreement within the symbiosis is based on solid principles creating an economic advantage for the partners.

Representing good environmental practice

Current and future businesses have to consider the environmental impact of producing, distributing and developing products. By cooperating, possibilities that are benificial economically and environmentally will undoubtedly occur, as it has been the case for the partners of the Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis. A modern conventional business strategy with a sustainable transition, is built upon five Rs; reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and regulate. Although the strategy emphasises minimal use of virgin resources, fundamentally it does not change the way of thinking design and product development, as the resources still ends their life as waste. By setting a positive example in Denmark and internationally Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis seeks to impact the way we perceive sustainable business practise and how we develop it even further by minimising waste.

Learn more about producing more with less in this white paper: Producing More With Less


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