Herning Vand

    Herning Vand

    Herning Vand is an independent utility company which accumulates and purifies wastewater in the municipality of Herning, and provides 60% of the citizens in the municipality with clean drinking water. We employ 55 people and have a yearly turnover of DKK 135 million. Three waterworks supply water for 46,000 citizens every year, and wastewater from 32,000 households is channeled to 14 treatment plants.

    We are certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 22000. The objectives of the implemented standards are to ensure homogenous, systematic and efficient work in both operations and business development, and to ensure risk assessment of the water production to sustain food safety. We believe that what is beneficial for the environment is too for the customers and the employees.

    Green thinking and development

    Herning Vand is in cooperation with Aarhus Vand, Grundfos and Norconsult developing a solution which precipitates struvite from the wastewater. Struvite is a white crystalline compound containing magnesium, ammonia nitrogen, and phosphorus, and is ideal for organic fertilizing. The first plant has been implemented in Aarhus Vand and the second plant is expected to be implemented in Herning in 2015.
    Another currently running project in Herning Vand is to solve the problem of pharmaceutical residues in the wastewater deriving from hospitals and households. The residues are toxic to the environment and we are seeking for a solution which purifies the total wastewater stream.

    Herning Vand is committed to the Carbon20 agreement, and has in 2010-2013 reduced the energy consumption with 20%.

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    Primary contact
    Jeanette M. Andersen