Electric car sharing – a step closer to a more livable city

Cities and their citizens are smothering. They are smothering in rows and rows of parked cars leaving little space for city life. 25% of these cars are not even in use during the week days. At GreenMobility we contribute to a city with fewer cars enabling valuable space for other purposes than parking.

Removing cars from the city

GreenMobility has been operating in Copenhagen for a little more than 2 years and is seeing an increasing number of users changing their transportation habits to favor GreenMobility over a private car.

A recent user survey showed that almost 5% of GreenMobility users have sold their private car in favor of electric shared city cars from GreenMobility. While this number is remarkable considering GreenMobility’s time in the market, it also documents that free float car sharing reduces the number of private cars in the city.

At GreenMobility we expect to see an even bigger change in the nearest future. The user survey showed that 21% of our users have omitted from acquiring a private car in favor of shared electric city cars from GreenMobility. Moreover 16% are considering disposing of their private car, which clearly suggests that the trend will continue, thus creating cities with more open spaces and room for recreational opportunities.

Make the alternative a superior option

Freeing space in the city for green areas, life and play is on the agenda in modern cities all around the world. Studies show that on average a car is parked 23 hours a day during its life. In other words, most of the time cars are just taking up space. At GreenMobility we work to reduce the number of cars occupying the streets by providing an electric shared car to use only when needed.

To motivate the change from private cars to shared electric city cars, it is essential to provide a superior yet simple solution. Electric city cars should be easy to use and available when and where needed. When it comes to car sharing more is definitely better. Cities such as Berlin, Vienna and Milan have several free-float car sharing operators – not counting the fixed-float operators. Cities can take back the streets by making a change from private cars to a superior solution for urban mobility.

The future is now

The GreenMobility user survey proves that electric car sharing users actually can do without a private car. All urbanites need is an attractive and simple alternative.

At GreenMobility we offer an alternative to the private car that reduces the number of private cars in the city, thus leaving more livable space in the city, and makes parking easier (and for free) for the electric city car users. GreenMobility provides mobility when needed in an eco-friendly way that reduces emissions in the city. Since launch in October 2016 we have saved more than 1,000 tons of CO2 compared to if our users had used gasoline or diesel-powered cars.

In November 2018 we opened a GreenMobility operation in Oslo, Norway.  Our first partner is NSB in Oslo with 250 cars in the fleet. We are very excited about the partnership with Norway and have a great cooperation with our partner, NSB.

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