Green Ship of the Future

    Green Ship of the Future

    Green Ship of the Future is a Public Private Partnership for innovation, exploration and demonstration of technologies and methods that makes shipping more environmentally friendly.

    Through GSF forces are joined in order to explore, develop and demonstrate ambitious green solutions for the maritime industry and for green shipping. At the same time, we value co-creation, collaboration and knowledge exchange and development between our members.

    Green Ship of the Future consists of a dedicated group of members, who have decided to take the environmental responsibility up on them. Currently, the group consists of about 45 members – all working on making the maritime industry and shipping more environmentally friendly. View our members at

    The core activity of GSF is the development of environmental and energy efficiency projects in relation to ships and the maritime industry. As an integrated part of the initiative, we wish to explore, implement and evaluate technical solutions in order to push green innovation and thinking within the maritime industry – and doing so with an eye on the commercial feasibility.

    Our technical focus can be divided into the following areas:

    • Machinery – production and consumption of energy
    • Propulsion
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Logistics
    • General design

    Green Ship of the Future is funded by the members, but with important and appreciated donations from The Danish Maritime Fund, the Orient’s Fund and the Lauritzen Foundation


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    Primary contact
    Anne Katrine Bjerregaard

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