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Environmental company Genan is the largest tyre recycler in the world, processing up to 400,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) annually. Sustainability is Genan's core value; and at Genan, we commit to striving for a sustainable future in every choice we make.

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Road authorities throughout the world are now realizing that it is very good business to use modified asphalt in new road projects. It simply saves a lot of money on the medium and long term because the roads are less exposed to rutting and cracking. This reduces maintenance, which is not only a financial problem but also a traffic problem as roads have to be partly closed during the work.

Asphalt and bitumen modification is therefore on the increase everywhere. In a country like Germany with a large consumption of bitumen, approximately 23% of all bitumen for road construction is now modified.

By far the most common way of modifying bitumen in modern road construction is using the virgin material SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene). It was therefore a large technological breakthrough when Genan launched Road+ as a third generation asphalt and bitumen modifier based on rubber powder from scrap tyres. Not only was performance in all relevant property categories on an equal footing or superior to SBS. Road+ was also creating a huge market for rubber powder from scrap tyres, creating an environmental solution which makes incineration of scrap tyres superfluous saving greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel.

Technical Specifications

Road+ is an elastomer bitumen and asphalt modifier and is produced according to a process patented by Evonik. Ingredients are high quality rubber powder produced by Genan which is mixed by 4.5% Vestenamer®, a semicrystalline polyoctenamer produced by Evonik.

Laboratory tests and field road projects show that as a rule of thumb a standard bitumen modified with 10% Road+ as a minimum performs on level with a similar 4% SBS modified bitumen. For several of the properties, e.g. the ability to prevent rutting and the forced ductility, Road+ performs significantly better. Test reports covering the comparison of properties between Road+ and SBS modified bitumen can be downloaded from the download centre to the right.

It is of paramount importance for the product performance that the rubber powder being used is uniform in size and clean. As the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber powder from scrap tyres, Genan has the technology to live up to these requirements. The Genan rubber powder is not only clean but also consistent in size. Genan plants have such a big turnover that it does not matter in what season of the year that the rubber powder is produced. In the download centre to the right you can get a report that shows the consistency in size month by month.

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