Demonstration test and evaluation of Bornholm electricity network with high wind power penetration

This project develops energy-system models with measuring and control technology that enables constant collection of production and consumer data. This facility will help balance the electricity system in connection with fluctuating wind turbine electricity generation. The system will be demonstrated and validated in full-scale operation in Bornholm.

Project manager:
PowerLabDK Consortium, c/o Centre for Electric Technology/DTU Electrical Engineering

Wind Energy Division at Risø DTU
Østkraft A/S
Copenhagen University College of Engineering

EDDP: DKK 12,500,000
Total budget: DKK 23,784,000

3rd quarter 2012


New technical solutions are needed for integration of high share of wind power and other types of renewable energy sources. Transforming the energy system is a major challenge which requires insight in the operation of the electricity system and the associated mechanisms as well as good possibilities for testing and studying new innovative methods.

This project has analysed and developed technologies which enable increased share of wind energy in the electricity system. This is done through use of data from the island Bornholm and development of an experimental simulation model of the Bornholm electric power system in a real-time simulator in the laboratory at DTU.

The Bornholm power system is a unique facility for studying the future renewable based energy system. The Bornholm power system is part of the Nordic interconnected power system and power market, and it has many of the characteristics of a typical Danish distribution system. With respect to area, electricity demand and population Bornholm corresponds to approx. 1% of Denmark. Peak load is approx. 56 MW. The annual wind power penetration is 33%, and the system can be operated isolated in islanding mode.


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Primary contact
Anne Marie Titian Jørgensen
+45 33 92 75 67


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