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Non Revenue Water Feasibility Study in Vietnam


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In order to identify the possibilities for reducing non-revenue water in Hanoi, EnviDan has conducted a feasibility study, which points out the way forward in relation to NRW-reduction.

The focus of the study has been to find the current Non Revenue Water (NRW) level and to make a cost/benefit analysis to improve the existing condition.

After studying the conditions in Hanoi, EnviDan has presented a Non-Revenue master plan that will reduce non-revenue water to less than 20%, as opposed to the current 35%. Reducing non-revenue water will have a great influence on the water supply in Hanoi, as in all other cities in the world.

When working abroad, it is always our top priority to work seriously and closely with local authorities and partners.  We are experts on NRW, but recognize the fact that our local partners know more about local terms and conditions. Therefore we need to form professional relationships to ensure a successful outcome.

EnviDan are experts within NRW reduction, and has, among other things, contributed largely to the white paper Rethink Water on the subject.

If you wish to know more about NRW reduction and our project in Hanoi, please contact Rune Pedersen on rpe@envidan (+45 60 11 12 23) or Jens Dyrberg Nielsen on jdn@envidan.dk (+ 45 60 11 12 22)


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