Master Plan for Renewable Energy 2030

The aim towards a 100% renewable energy supply and optimum energy consumption by 2030
The Frederikshavn Municipality has prepared a strategy plan on renewable energy 2030. The strategy plan follows the Municipality action plan on the EU Covenant of Mayors agreement prepared in December 2012.
The strategy plan is prepared to implement the energy policy of Frederikshavn Municipality for the entire Municipality as geographical boundary and aims towards a 100% renewable energy supply and optimum energy consumption by year 2030.
In this way, the strategy plan is a continuation of the visions for the Energy city Frederikshavn, where a limited geographical area in the previous Frederikshavn Municipality was to be converted into 100% renewable energy by year 2015.

The current strategy plan includes the entire Municipality of Frederikshavn. Therefore, the objectives in the strategy plan are a further development of the business plan for Energy city Frederikshavn and replaces this. Some of the most important reasons for the transfer from Energy city to Energy Municipality are:

  • The Energy city project with its original content included the city Frederikshavn and the towns of Strandby and Elling. The plan was to use the experiences from Energy city Frederikshavn for further integration in the remaining part of the Municipality later on. The limited geographical area in the Energy city Frederikshavn makes it difficult for the citizens and companies in the remaining part of the Municipality to identify with the project and to take ownership. Today Frederikshavn Municipality is a new Municipality consisting of the three previous communities Skagen, Sæby and Frederikshavn. As the new Municipality is the initiator and the owner of the Energy city, it was decided during fall 2013 to make the assets of the project available to all citizens and companies in the Municipality. Therefore, it is the most natural action to extend the geographical border of the project to include the entire Municipality.
  • Practical experiences in connection with the fulfilment of the vision of Energy city Frederikshavn to make a 100% conversion into renewable energy show that the vision of the project is up-scalable, so that it includes the entire Municipality. Furthermore, the geographical border of the energy city does not include sufficient energy resources converting the entire Energy city Frederikshavn into 100% renewable energy by 2015. A considerable part of the activities of the Energy city concerning renewable energy, such as planning of wind power turbines, planning of biomass based energy production, continuous conversion of transport and energy efficiency improvements of houses is already taking place outside the geographical area of the Energy city. Therefore, the most appropriate thing to do is to prepare a plan, which will deal with energy efforts in the entire Municipality. Furthermore, the most rational thing to do concerning planning, is to prepare a coherent plan on renewable energy for the entire Municipality compared to doing the planning for a limited area. In other words, through the demonstration projects of the Energy city, through networks and through cooperation Frederikshavn Municipality has created a solid basis for extension of the project including the complete geographical area of the Municipality.
  • Apart from the vision of 100% renewable energy supply in the Municipality in 2030, the plan will help creating development, growth and increased employment within the growth track “Energy” in the Municipality of Frederikshavn. Companies and energy supply companies in the Municipality are the leading element and play an important role concerning the growth track energy. These companies are located all over the Municipality from Skagen far north to Voerså far south. With the Municipality border as effort area, the Energy City will have the possibility of including all citizens, companies and educational institutions of the Municipality in a development process. In this process, we create dynamic and synergy in a way, where all involved parties work together to fulfil the visions behind the Energy growth track for the benefit and growth and increased employment of the local area.

Our vision
The vision of the strategy plan to have 100% renewable energy supply and optimum energy use in Frederikshavn Municipality as geographical border 2030 means that Frederikshavn Municipality must work targeted with following subjective:

  • Increase the basis of resources by further development and promotion of local, renewable energy resources.
  • Continuous promotion of efficient utilization of energy resources i.e. by supporting energy savings in buildings.
  • Support the effort of the energy supply companies to convert to renewable energy production.
  • Promote the use of renewable fuels in the transport sector including public transport.
  • Maintain focus on the growth track Energy as a promising growth and development strategy for all citizens and companies in Frederikshavn Municipality.
  • Support innovation, development and demonstration projects in preparation for promotion of renewable industrial development.

Frederikshavn Municipality would like to collaborate with the industry, including energy supply companies and public transportation companies, citizens, universities and vocational education institutions, public and private institutions, associations, other communities and other regional players. To implement the strategy plan will help making the citizens and businesses of the Municipality make the growth track “Energy” their new way of living. In Frederikshavn Municipality we will let ourselves get inspired and we wish to make use of the experiences and opportunities that are present in the world outside the Municipality’s border as well.

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