Test Centre for large wind turbines at Høvsøre

Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Høvsøre in northern of Jutland

In the late 1990s Danish politicians decided to establish a test centre for large wind turbines at Høvsøre, situated in Denmark on the west coast of Jutland.

In order to keep being in the forefront of the international wind energy sector it was of primary importance to establish contemporary and future-proof test facilities that made it possible to make measurements and test large wind turbines at high wind speeds.

The main objective with a national test centre was to develop and test new wind turbine concepts and methods, gather data of tests performed on the wind turbines and document safety, operational liability, cost-effectiveness and noise/acoustic resonance.

Innumerable amount of tests
This was the main reason behind Risø’s (today DTU Wind Energy) motivation for establishing a national test centre for large wind turbines in 2002. Thus safeguarding the Danish wind turbine industry’s dominant position and providing them with the best possible test facilities and other facilities for basic research within meteorology and wind turbine technology.

During the 15 years existence of Høvsøre an innumerable amount of tests have been performed on 19 different wind turbines and the demand for new tests and measurements on turbines at the test centre at Høvsøre will continue.

At Høvsøre, the wind conditions allow an almost uninterrupted wind speed coming from the North Sea and it reaches the wind turbines at a very high speed corresponding to the turbines erected offshore. The flat terrain west of the test centre means that the wind conditions at the turbines are well defined. A measuring mast is placed west of each wind turbine and a meteorology mast is placed south of the test stands. Furthermore, two 165 meters high light masts have been constructed to the east of the test stands row and they mark the maximum height of the whole area.

Wind speeds, wind direction, temperatures, and atmospheric pressure are being measured on all masts, and a few of the masts provide measurements at different heights. An average wind speed of 9.3 m/s has been measured at the height of 80 meters. All data is continuously gathered, and quite a few is compared to measurements performed on the wind turbines. Wind measurements from Høvsøre may be observed online on the website.

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