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DTU Wind Energy

A considerable part of Denmark’s electricity production is based on wind. In 2016 the electricity production from wind energy reached 42%. This has made Danish wind power industry a global market leader with not only the largest turbine manufacturers, but also a leading network of suppliers for the sector on a global scale.

DTU Wind Energy is a department among 18 others that constitute DTU. The Department of Wind Energy is one of the world’s largest centres of wind energy research with a staff of more than 240 people from 37 countries of which approximately 40 are PhD students.

Our mission is:

  • To develop new opportunities and technology for global and Danish exploitation of wind energy and improve the competitiveness compared to other energy sources
  • To develop scientific and engineering knowledge and competencies in key fields, which are central for the development and use of wind energy and provide the basis for advanced education at DTU in national and international co-operation.
  • To facilitate the implementation and exploitation of research and development through research-based consultancy and services to industry and the public sector, innovation and education comprising training courses at DTU.

Our vision is:

  • DTU Wind Energy is a globally leading department for wind energy with scientific and engineering competences in the international front and with a unique integration of research, education, innovation and public/private sector consulting.
  • DTU Wind Energy is a key contributor to the realization of the vision of Denmark as a world leading wind power development centre and the activities support and develop the global wind energy sector with a special effort on national industrial development and innovation.

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