The Bicycle Serpent (Cykelslangen)

In 2010, as part of the city’s bicycle policy, a forerunner for the bicycle strategy, a series of initiatives were taken. Amongst these was a general consultant tender for a bicycle ramp to complete a path across the Copenhagen Harbor from Islands Brygge to Kalvebod Brygge of which the first stage, the Brygge Bridge (Bryggebroen) was already in use.

The area around the Fisketorvet Shopping Center in Copenhagen was characterised by a particular problem – two distinctive groups of users, each with conflicting interests, cyclists and pedestrians. DISSING+WEITLING saw a tremendous potential for the new ramp to become something more than just a crossing. To unfold the ramp, stretch it out, curve it. Across the water, in between the buildings, and down close to the Brygge Bridge. A clear pathway. Hereby not only making it more joyful to ride on, with less steep gradients and better curvature, but also making it an element that could pull together an area with a multitude of incoherent buildings.

The solution was ‘The Cycle Serpent’. The 230m elevated ramp ensures the complete separation of cyclists and pedestrians – the cyclists can pass quickly and easily through the area, while experiencing unique and exciting views and the elevated road allows pedestrians to use the entire wharf avoiding perilous situations.

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