Biodiesel as a circular solution to transportation

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Daka ecoMotion produces 2G biodiesel. Daka ecoMotion utilizes animal by-products, mainly from Danish agriculture.

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As the world and the European Union in particular have renewed
efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the quest to find alternative fuels for the transportation sector has intensified.

Heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for 25 percent of all CO2
emissions arising from road transport in the EU. The European
Commission’s target is to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy-duty
vehicles by 15 percent in 2025 compared to 2019 levels and at least
30 percent in 2030 compared to 2019 levels. Biofuels significantly
contributes to reach these goals.

Continuous focus on sustainable growth has generated several
environmentally friendly businesses and models that tackle future
challenges. Daka ecoMotion is one of the companies tackling these
challenges through the production of 55 million litres of advanced
biodiesel. Daka ecoMotion utilises animal by-products, mainly from
Danish agriculture, and refines animal fat into biodiesel.

With an 83 percent reduction of CO2 emissions compared to conventional fuels, renewable biodiesel from Daka ecoMotion has the
potential to be one of the major contributors to fulfill the EU’s CO2
reduction targets in the heavy-duty vehicle sector.

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