Rabarbergaarden – where food production and consumption is no contradiction to a climate in balance

Rabarbergaarden is an organic and holistic buisness, with regenerative farming, restaurant, green grocery, school gardens and education in how to be a climate friendly consumer. 

A farm with a no-waste and 100 % self-sufficient goal

Through a no-waste system, all parts of the farm’s production are seen as resources that can be an asset in the operations of the farm. Residues from the market garden and agriculture turn into food products to be sold in the green grocery, used as animal feed or compost. Even the coffee grounds from the espresso machines act as soil improvement.

Our goal is to make our climate footprint as little as possible. Through our established regeneration farming and according to our upcoming goal to become 100% self-sufficient with sustainable energy, through sun, geothermal heating and rainwater abstraction, we aim to lower our strain on the climate.

Small scale farming to preserve climate

Food production and consumption are some of the biggest strains on the climate, we want to participate in changing that. We believe that ’many small streams make a river’, so if we can inspire and make generic models for others to follow, we can make a difference. 

We aspire for a world where food production is in balance with nature and lessen its climate footprint, by enhancing the opportunities to feed their community other for small scale farmer and food producers. This we believe, will alså create local jobs and accordingly make sustainable, climate friendly and vibrant communities throughout Denmark.

The green grocery

Our project DIN GRØNNE KØBMAND (Your Green Grocery – YGG) will lead the consumer out of the wilderness on how to be a climate-friendly shopper. We will re-create the super local grocery, that is close to where people live, that supplies the community with daily needs, and which source the products locally and screens every product, from toilet paper to wines and spirits, for their sustainability and climate footprint.

YGG will be run only on sustainable energy. Which means all the fridges, lightning, heating as well as the on-site production of food products will be powered by the sun, the soil and the rainwater.

We hope that the YGG at Rabarbergaarden will be the first and that many other small communities, small scale farmers and food producers will be inspired and will make use of the generic model and create many other YGG’s around the country.


About Rabarbergaarden

Rabarbergaarden just acquired 22 hk of farmland next to the established farm. We aim to create an agronomic & gastronomic center that showcase the fact,  that the future of food production is no contradiction to a climate and environment in balance.

Forestry, regenerative and biodiverse agriculture will be the key and education of professionals and consumers, and the dessimination of the gained knowledge will secure that we can spread that knowledge and make a lasting change in how we act.

Rabarbergaarden participated in Coop Crowdfunding’s initiative: Coop Klimafunding, which is aimed at food producers and -companies who want to produce more climate friendly foods. The initiative launched 16 companies’s individual crowdfunding campaigns and is currently raising investment from the consumers that are backing their campaigns.

About author

Coop Crowdfunding bridges the gap between innovative food producers and consumers willing to invest money in small local projects. The platform is a new form of cooperative financing, taking advantage of the Danes’ growing interest in local and sustainable food to help producers access financing to implement their ideas.

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Louise Køster

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